Q: I have contacted a tutor and I haven’t heard anything back from them?

A: When you contact a tutor, GrindsCentre emails the tutor automatically to let them know. It is then up to the tutor to reply to your message if they are interested in working with you. Unfortunately many tutors are very busy and they do not always reply to every request.

Q: How do I contact a tutor?

A: To contact a tutor simply register for a student account, search for a tutor and then message the tutor through our messaging system. If you have not registered, you will be unable to message a tutor, even if you email us asking us to do so.

Q: If I email GrindsCentre, will you arrange a grind for me?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to organise grinds for individual students and we are unable to forward student emails to tutors. The only way to contact a tutor is through our site.

Q: I am a tutor and I want to remove my account?

A: We are aware that some tutors wish to remove their accounts. In order to disable your account please go to 'My Account' then press 'Edit Details' and finally click on the 'Deactivate Account' button. Then simply Log out and your account will remain inactive until you activate it.

Q: I am a parent, do I register as a student or must my child do it?

A: It is perfectly fine for the parent to register as a student and organise a grind. Simply let the tutor know that the grind is for your child.

If the above does not answer your query or if you have questions, please login/register to contact us.