7 Study Tips for tackling Leaving Certificate

We don’t want to start any panic around here but Leaving Cert is approaching rather quickly. To help you deal with the stress of it all we have gathered the top 7 most effective study tips from people who have done extremely well in it. 


7. Workspace

First step is to find yourself a comfortable and quiet place to study with as few distractions as possible. This also includes putting your mobile away and turning it off, or at least putting it on silent (important). Make sure your vibrations are off too, as you will be immediately distracted the second you hear your phone vibrating.

Tip: Avoid studying in bed as that might trick your brain into thinking that you’re going to sleep and will make you sleepy.  


6. Take breaks regularly.

We have found that taking regular breaks helps you memorise content quicker. Pomodoro is one very popular technique for studying effectively. This is a very simple strategy and the only thing you need to apply it is a timer (kitchen timer will do). You will very simply study for 25 minutes, take a 4 minute break and repeat. After 4 such sessions take a longer 15 minute break.

Try this and see if it works for you too! 


5. Ask questions

Never hesitate to ask questions if you’re confused about something. If there are any parts of material your teacher has covered in class but you’re still having problems understanding it make sure to ask your teacher for help. Most of the time they won’t mind explaining things to you again. Teachers are there to help you. 


4. Study-life balance

Don’t burn yourself out. Studying for the leaving cert takes a lot of work over extended period of time so therefore it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Make sure to pace yourself and avoid burning out by keeping your study-life balance in check. Make sure you don’t fully cut out your friends, hobbies or sports as those are important in maintaining a healthy mindset. 


3. Repetition is key

The best preparation for Leaving Cert is practicing and constantly redoing past exam papers. It is common knowledge that a lot of the questions are repeated from the years before so make sure to capitalise on this information.


2. Eat well

Healthy, balanced diet is key when it comes to maintaining your overall health. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re sick is to study. So make sure you eat those veggies and remember that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But there’s also nothing wrong with a little treat every now and then. 

Tip: Dried mango is a tasty & a healthy energy booster as it’s packed with natural sugar for when you’re low on energy and need that extra boost. 


1. Start as early as you can

Ideally you would’ve started studying at the start of 5th year, however, we don’t live in a perfect world. It’s important to remember that it’s never too late to start studying though. Start studying now and make the most of the remaining time. 

If you haven’t started yet, do it now. This very moment. Even just for couple of minutes to get you started.


Best of luck!



For the Leaving Cert timetable and a nifty D-Day countdown go here (http://theleavingcert.com/leaving-cert-2016-timetable/)