John C.

Location: Dublin Subjects: Chemistry Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Ordinary Bachelors Degree Honours Bachelors Degree Other Details I received my degree in NUIG and my PDE in Trinity College Dublin. Price per hour Individual: €40
Group: not available About me I am a secondary school teacher of Maths, Chemistry and Science. I have been teaching and giving grinds for a number of years now. I can travel to students homes or students can come to my home. I am available for grinds in in Galway at weekends and Dublin during the week. I have been teaching since 2007. I have been giving grinds since 2011. I let the students drive the grinds and work on what ever topics the student is having difficulty in. I also teach completely from the papers as the student will be sitting the exam so i want to get the student familiar with the papers as much as possible.
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