Harry M.

Location: Oxfordshire, Shefford Subjects: Mathematics Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Ordinary Bachelors Degree Honours Bachelors Degree Details I’m a 1st honours student in the prestigious Imperial College London Computer Science and Maths Program. Based on teaching experience, Academically, I have graduated with Straight As in 5 subjects (GP, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, and Chemistry) with a Merit in Modern Physics. In university, I specialize in programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, SQL, Haskell. Price per hour Individual: €45
Group: not available About me I have been teaching 1-on-1 Math, Econs, and Physics tuition to students from Primary level to PreUniversity level for 3 years now. Through passion and lessons structured to fit their personality, I have guided my students to achieve distinctions in their grades. With programming languages, I focus on teaching and building projects on the foundations of coding & programming, machine learning, app development, data science, Minecraft through coding, and more.
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