Talita D.

Location: Galway Subjects: German Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Details I finished studying in Germany at the Philipps-University Marburg and therefore have my first state exam as a teacher (which is equivalent to a Masters Degree). A very important part of the degree in Germany are internships in schools and I embraced these as opportunities to put the theory of teaching into practice. Price per hour Individual: €25
Group: €50 About me I\'m a native speaker of German, who studied German and English for being a teacher in secondary schools in Germany. Right now I\'m staying in Ireland for 8 months and work as a foreign language assistant and I am very happy about the opportunity to get to know the Irish culture and the amazing landscapes. I am an experienced tutor. I started giving private lessons when I was a student and continued this throughout my college times. In my experience, it is important for language teaching to enhance the communication and to create an atmosphere were on the one hand the students speak as freely as possible and on the other hand they can rely on being corrected when they make a mistake. Through my work as a foreign language assistant here in Ireland I have a direct insight into the demands students are faced with for their junior certs and leaving certs, so that I feel confident that I can prepare students in the best way possible for their exams.
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