Conall M.

Location: Galway, Galway City Subjects: Mathematics Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Honours Bachelors Degree Details I received a first class honours degree in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin. I am currently pursuing a masters degree in theoretical and mathematical physics at Ludwig Maximilian University and the Technical University of Munich. Previously I sat my LC in 2016 and got A1s in Mathematics , Applied Mathematics and Physics among others. Price per hour Individual: €20
Group: not available About me I am a very passionate and meticulous person. I try to tailor my classes to your individual needs to work on strengthening your individual weaknesses. I have worked for the past year as a teaching assistant at LMU Munich for two bachelor courses which involve me giving tutorials to help the students learn material and grading their homework and exams. This experience has helped me to identify when students are lacking in their understanding of a particular topic and how best to approach aiding them. Although it only says I tutor mathematics , I also tutor for applied mathematics and Physics at the LC level. At the University level I can tutor any range of mathematics and physics.
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