Eoin S.

Location: Kilkenny, Kilkenny City Subjects: Mathematics Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Masters Details I am highly qualified in several technical and relevant areas, holding a degree in Physics (NUI Galway - First Class Honours), a degree in Mathematics (DIT - Distinction), a Masters in IT (IT Carlow - First Class Honours), a Masters in Statistics (UCD - First Class Honours) and a Masters in Mathematical Physics (TU Dublin - First Class Honours). Price per hour Individual: €35
Group: not available About me Explaining things intuitively is key to understanding, and this is difficult to achieve in a classroom setting at school. Everyone understands abstract concepts differently and my goal is to identify what works for each individual. I like to use all available mediums to help convey the more challenging stuff, in particular. There are some excellent notes, videos, resources etc out there that are powerful aides, and making these relevant to the LC syllabus is where I see some potential for getting students out of a rut. I aim to build intuition, rather than rote learning.
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