Willy K.

Location: Kildare, Maynooth Subjects: German Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Details I have good experience tutoring both German and Latin. While still in Germany I gave lessons to non-native speakers in their teens. While here in Maynooth I give grinds in German to university students and Latin support to adults, especially in the training of clergymen. Before coming here I also worked in the religious education sector in schools and communities in Northern Ireland. The most unusual and forming experience, however, was my opportunity to teach English for a month as a volunteer at a school in Tanzania, Africa. Overall I have have a experience in a great variety of setting with students of different age groups, which has taught me adaptability and flexibility, so that I can achieve the best in every situation. Price per hour Individual: €25
Group: not available About me My name is Willy. I am a native German but have lived in Ireland for several years now and am currently studying at Maynooth University. For all my live I have had a passion for languages and love learning and analyzing them. If we understand how a language works, we come closer to understanding the people who speak it, their culture and their values. In a globalized world languages open possibilities for new experiences and adventures. I myself know what I am talking about! Though I know several languages, my favourites are English, the language I speak every day, German, the language of my family and my culture, and Latin, the language that I study. However, languages only live when they are explored together. I love teaching, since I not only help someone else to discover the riches of my languages, but always find something new and interesting for myself!
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