Geraldine B.

Location: Dublin, Drumcondra Subjects: Behavioural Science Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Masters Details BSc (Hons) Psychology MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis (Distinction) Price per hour Individual: €40
Group: not available About me I'm a Behaviour Specialist, working with children and teenagers with ASD & ID primarily using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). I have a BSc Psychology and an MSc ABA, as well as over five years experience in this field. I am available for Skype grinds with ABA students seeking guidance on assignments, presentations, and theoretical & practical aspects of ABA.
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Geraldine gave me grinds to help with assignments and to prepare for exams during my MSc in ABA. I felt that Geraldine was very clear and focused and she helped me to understand topics and concepts which I previously struggled with. I would highly recommend Geraldine to any other students.

Rory on Tuesday, 24 March 2020