Cathal H.

Location: Dublin, Dublin City Centre Subjects: Chemistry Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Details Received 601 points in the leaving cert 2017, including; H1s in: Chemistry, Biology, Economics, German H2s in: Maths, English, Irish, Music Currently studying pharmacy (3rd year) in trinity; average grade of 82% for first and second year. Price per hour Individual: €25
Group: not available About me I’m quite an easygoing person who likes to help other people UNDERSTAND content; in a way that lets them remember without having to memorise: I don’t like the concept of just forcing someone to commit something to memory. I have been an S2S mentor in trinity, whereby I tutored 1st year Pharmacy students when I was in 2nd year, and also am an unofficial tutor for my year; sharing my notes and holding group study sessions where we discuss issues people are having. Prices are flexible! Also willing to help with: German, Biology and economics, or Irish/english/maths, though these aren’t my strongest subjects; let me know!
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