Catherine B.

Location: Clare, Ennis Subjects: Biology Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Details I just finished my leaving Certificate last year so I am very up to date on the course and what it is actually like to be a Leaving Certificate student. I received a H2 in the subject that I will be teaching, but I was very close to the H1 grade boundary and I will be using this experience to help my students get the best grade that they possibly can. Price per hour Individual: €10
Group: not available About me I am doing a degree in biomedical sciences at the moment which is an area that I hope to work in in the future. My classes will be very personal where the student and I will focus on areas that they are struggling with. We will use past paper questions as our guide. If something is not on the marking scheme we will not accept it as it will not be accepted by markers in the real exam. As we get closer to the exam the student and I will focus on areas that they are not only struggling with but also areas that are likely to come up on the exam. The students will be tested frequently.
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