Dawn M.

Location: Dublin, Rathmines Subjects: Spanish Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Honours Bachelors Degree Masters Details ¡Hola! I am a Spanish teacher in Dublin 6. Received an honours BA International degree in languages (Spanish, Irish and English) and a first class honours Masters of Education degree in NUIG with Spanish and English. Completed studies in La Universidad de León in Spain. Price per hour Individual: €50
Group: not available About me ¡Hola! Soy profesora de español en Dublín 6. I am passionate about the 2 subjects I teach, which are Spanish and English. I enjoy creating exciting, visual and technological lesson plans that engage all types of students and thus, allows them to reach there maximum learning potentials. I have been teaching Spanish for 3 years and I have also lived in Spain for 2 years studying Spanish. Can also give grinds in English. Available for group grinds at 35€ pp. ¡Gracias! Look forward to hearing from you
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