Lauren D.

Location: Wicklow, Bray Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Details I am currently in my Freshman year of Biological and Biomedical sciences in Trinity college Dublin. I achieved H1’s in Physics(94%), Biology (92%) and Chemistry (94%) in my leaving cert in 2019, and an A in junior cert science Price per hour Individual: €30
Group: not available About me Covering all aspects of each topic is essential to do well in the leaving cert, and my grinds would be in depth and focused. Practicing past papers is key so I would be using them during the grind to show the student how to tackle certain questions and become familiar with the marking scheme. After sitting the leaving cert last year I am aware of the way the SEC like to set the papers and things like the phrasing of questions and any tricks they try put on the papers. Both the leaving and junior cert can be challenging at times though I believe anyone can do well if they are motivated and willing to understand the subjects. I am very passionate about science and I think even though it is a subject you are studying for a final exam it can also be very interesting and enjoyable to learn about the world around you, taking away some of the mindset that you are solely learning it for a test.
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