Grainne O.

Location: Kildare, Maynooth Subjects: Physics and Chemistry Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Honours Bachelors Degree Details Recieved a 2:1 in BSc. Science Education specializing in Physics and Chemistry Price per hour Individual: €40
Group: not available About me I am am outgoing person who is passionate about Science and teaching. For grinds I like to take a one to one approach, preferably taking each subject topic by topic and breaking it down in easy to understand notes. Then by doing out questions with the student, I will give some questions for them to do on their own, which I will correct and give them individual feed back on. I also like to help the students work on their exam strategies, so they can approach the exam ising their strengths and in the best way possible in order to get the best grade they can. 40 euro for LC subjects, 30 euro for JC. Group rates available depending on the number of students .
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