Denise P.

Location: Dublin, Whitehall Subjects: German Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Ordinary Bachelors Degree Honours Bachelors Degree Masters Details Passionate education graduate (Bachelor/Master), graduated in Germany (Elementary Education), native German speaker. Looking forward to help you boost your language skills, become more confidentt & fluent, overcome your language barriers and enjoy learning German Price per hour Individual: €30
Group: not available About me I believe that we all learn in different ways and I will try and identify the way you learn best and adjust my sessions accordingly. Also you learn a language by using it - speaking and listening, understanding while you are surrounded by it in everyday communication - diving into it like into a "language bath". Talking about the language we seek to acquire and improve might be helpful when it comes to introducing grammar and tenses - for clarification purposes but it should only cover a small percentage of teaching in my opinion. So communication in German will be key in my sessions.
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