Eiji M.

Location: Waterford, Waterford City Centre Subjects: Japanese Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Ordinary Bachelors Degree Honours Bachelors Degree Details Majored Japanese language education in University of the Ryukyus Price per hour Individual: €20
Group: not available About me こんにちは、エイジといいます。沖縄県出身です。今はWaterfordの近くに住んでいまして、日本語レッスンが可能です。大学で日本語教育学を学びましたので、初級から上級まで対応可能です。興味のある方はご連絡ください。 Hi, my name is Eiji and from Okinawa, Japan. I'm currently living near Waterford. I studied Japanese language education as a second language in a university. Any level of Japanese learners are welcome, please contact me for details.
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