Aoife M.

Location: Galway, Galway City Subjects: Biology Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Masters Details Received first class honors from NUI Galway for Porfessional Master of Education course in 2017. Awarded a 2.1 honors from NUI Galway for my Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree. My subjects are in science and biology. Currently undertaking a part-time specialist diploma in biomedical science to keep updated on latest information in science and biology, particularly the human body and it’s inner workings. Price per hour Individual: €30
Group: not available About me I’m a young teacher located in the city of Galway who has a passion for science and biology, and with working with younger people. In the classroom I approach learning in a creative and fun manner in the hopes that it inspires and gives students an appreciation for the subject and how it relates to the world around them, a direction the syllabus is now shifting towards. By incorporating visual resources, e.g. gifs, images, videos, etc, into my teaching resources, it promotes a level of engagement that would otherwise be lacking when simply reading a textbook or notes. Students are free to download anything we use in lessons to help them at home with study, and often times I will upload additional learning aids or helpful links to resources online. This is done through Edmodo, a website used by teachers to share their powerpoints, worksheets, notes, etc. with the class, and I find it highly effective and appreciated by past students.
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