Alexander N.

Location: Dublin, Dublin City Centre Subjects: History Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Ordinary Bachelors Degree Honours Bachelors Degree Details Qualifications - On track for First Class Honours in History (1% off scholarship) - Top 5% worldwide International Baccalaureate (38/45 points) - 10 GCSEs at A*-A - Diploma in Digital Applications - Ernst and Young Sponsored Qualification in Python - Auditor in Ernst and Young. (Relevant for those studying accounting/finance/business). Experience - Have been tutoring a range of subjects for three years. In that time I have built up comprehensive understanding of examination requirements and effective study techniques. Price per hour Individual: €25
Group: not available About me Hello, My name's Alex. I'm from Cambridge in the UK. My interests include rugby, chess and rugby.
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