Langroo T.

Location: Dublin, Dublin City Centre Subjects: Spanish Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Honours Bachelors Degree Details Hey, we're a new Irish startup specialised in language learning through Facebook. Our students normally become competent speakers within weeks instead of months. We give you access to native Spanish tutors who can help you speak and pronounce naturally, correct and guide your written work and advise on the best apps and resources to ace your exams. Want a free 15 minute trial? You got it. Just message us on Facebook. Classes will be €16/hour there afterwards. Price per hour Individual: €16
Group: not available About me Langroo searches for only bilingual and native teachers. We tailor to every student's personality and interests by asking you a series of questions on Facebook messenger, and matching you with the best fit. Our tutors are trained in delivering our programmes, with experience at all levels and exams.
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