Cian C.

Location: Cork, Cork City Centre Subjects: Chemistry Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Honours Bachelors Degree Masters Details Undenominated Science degree from NUIG. Majored in Chemistry and graduated with a 1H1. Currently doing an MSc. in Analytical Chemistry in UCC, on track for a 1H1. Price per hour Individual: €20
Group: not available About me I love science and chemistry. Mostly because I can make really bad chemistry puns without feeling bad. I know for anyone chemistry can be a daunting subject because it's seems like such a vast subject and can be hard to find what's relevant. I got some great help when I was in my undergrad so I'd love to help you as well and (try) to make it a fun and interesting subject. I'm available for individual or group grinds (discounted). Leaving cert and first year preferred. I just ask that you let me know what topic you're having a hard time with in advance so you get the most out of the hour. Let me know. Thanks
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My email is Im need a A in chemistry I need a page on each topic only

ken on Monday, 3 April 2017