Rachel H.

Location: Dublin, Sandyford Subjects: Mathematics Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Honours Bachelors Degree Masters Details *Pre-Christmas Grinds* Ongoing - Professional Structural Engineer; 6yrs. 2012 - ME in Structural Engineering with Architecture, UCD; 2nd class honours, grade 1 (3.44 G.P.A.). 2010 - BSc. in Structural Engineering with Architecture, UCD; 2nd class honours, grade 1 (3.27 G.P.A.). Maths Tutoring - Handful of Junior and Leaving Cert students in spare time; Also previously taught a student with dyscalculia (learning disability involving difficulty in understanding maths symbols and operations and confusion about the order of digits which make up a number). Over the past two years in my full-time job I have taken on a number of work experience students. My role was to sit down with each student for 1 hour to show and explain to them what I work on each day. I would then assign an exercise to them to work on for the next 2 hours, offer help if needed and mark-up their work, explaining any alternative approaches they could have taken. Price per hour Individual: €35
Group: not available About me As a professional bridge engineer I work both independently and as part of a team on analysis, problem solving and design. I am also required to write methodology reports in work, and so, I am strong in the area of communicating complex ideas. It is a fundamental part of my role to possess the ability to logically and systematically work through a maths or structural problem in order to come up with a solution. The inherent problem-solving mind-frame that I have as an engineer provides me with skills required to teach Project Maths. I begin with the fundamentals for all students, providing them with explanations and reasoning as to why we perform the particular mathematical operations which are taught to us in school. Understanding that all students work at different paces, I ensure that all aspects of the work are fully understood before moving on to the next topic. Key to teaching Project Maths, as a design engineer I can provide real-world examples of how to apply the principles.
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