Aislinn L.

Location: Dublin, Terenure Subjects: German Contact: Only visible to registered users. Qualifications Leaving Certificate Honours Bachelors Degree Other Details I have an Honours Postgraduate Higher Diploma in German Studies from UCC and have spent over 2 previous years in Berlin perfectly my language abilities. I have worked for over 2 years through the German language and passed the C1 German exam in Berlin in 2016. Price per hour Individual: €25
Group: not available About me I've always been fascinated by the German language and after college left to live in Berlin, Germany for 2 years. I returned to study a HDip in German Studies in UCC. As I have lived there for quite some time, I have excellent conversational skills and pronunciation. I encourage my students to engage with the German language and culture through music, film, tv series and books as that can forge a deeper connection to the language and really help with comprehension and pronunciation.
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